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The most innovative and advanced solutions provider in their industry

Sewage Treatment 

Fully biological sewage treatment plants for domestic wastewater

Chemical Treatment

Home grown treatment plants for non-biological wastewater

Advanced Oxidation

'Chemical Free' water purification solutions based on AOP technology

Micro Filtration

Durable long lasting membrane filtration for liquid separation. 

Sewage Treatment Solutions

Our sewage treatment products (STP) are adaptable and simple to install, for a new product or as a retrofit to an existing product. The customizable solutions can be tailored fit into tight locations, require minimal monitoring & maintenance, cost-effective and simple to install. 
Mini Sewage Treatment Plants

The best-selling SBR small sewage treatment plant from ATB Puroo® for single-family houses and mini buildings with a capacity up to 1,000 liters per day. Ideal for new constructions or retrofitting an existing product. 

Small & Medium STPs

AQUATO® STABI-S and STABI-KOM with advanced SSB® technology is designed for capacity up to 1,000 - 75,000 liters per day. Ideal for residential setups, shops and mini apartment buildings as a new constructions or retrofitting.

Commercial Treatment Plants

The STABI-KOM and ORKA models from AQUATO® are designed for industrial and commercial use. The maximum capacity of a single plant is 2000PE, although it can be modularized now or later to increase any capacity.

Advanced Oxidation

A chemical-free water purification & disinfection solution which eliminates micro-organisms, reduction of turbidity and odor without generating waste or by-products in the wastewater. 
System benefits such as the latest AOP technology, simple and small unit, long lasting, no chemical use and 100% ecological.

Micro Filtration

4th generation ceramic membrane micro filtration solutions are durable, efficient, and faster than existing polymer membrane or conventional filtration process. Proven for lubricating oil filtration, chemical extractions in carbon black for ink/print industry, skim separation, protein hydrolysis filtration, sugar cane filtration, milk concentration in dairy industry, textile effluent and ethanol extraction.

Physio Chemical Treatment

For industrial effluents with greater concentrations of non-biodegradable contaminants, we developed solutions based on physio-chemical principles. Different coagulant and flocculant compositions are used in the process, batch and continuous treatment processes are available to fulfill regulatory requirements and client preferences.

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Company Profile

Aquablu Lanka Pvt. Ltd. is a Central Environment Authority (CEA) approved consultancy body for waste management solutions in Sri Lanka. The company is led by a team of dedicated domain specialists with over 25 years of diverse and extensive industry experience, qualified professionals in Microbiology, Chemistry, Engineering, and Information Technology who are intimately involved in designing and commissioning the solutions. 

We provide biological waste management solutions along with physio-chemical (chemicals) and electro-physics (no chemicals) methodologies. Our waste management solutions are designed and manufactured in Germany and Spain, use internationally to obtained high quality discharge effluent. The technologies have been well proven for residential buildings ranging from single-family setup to large-scale structures such as hotels, apartments, factories, food processing plants, and so on. 

We partner with Germany’s Aquato® and ATB® for sewage treatment plants, Kerasiev® for ceramic membrane filters and h2o.TITANIUM from Spain for AOP systems, who are the industry experts and leaders in their respective technologies.


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